Greetings from Guatemala! Sunday


We had an uneventful travel day and arrived here around noon. We were greeted by Kevin, Ginny, Kaitlyn & Julian, who loaded all of our luggage and brought us to the mission house.
We settled in and were served lunch. We then unpacked all of the supplies that we brought, sorted them, and put them all away. We then had time to rest and relax before we were served a wonderful dinner. We then spent our evening counting bags of vitamins – 60 per bag – and we made 300 bags for them. Dawn then led us in a devotion.

Then, we attempted to get an e-mail out. By this time, our hosts, Kevin & Ginny, were resting in their room. We failed to remember that the computers would all be in spanish…..and we could not read it, so we could not figure out how to convert it to english. We decided to go to bed and send out a brief e-mail in the morning to let you all know we were here and safe….

Those of who drew the lucky straws to sleep in top bunks prayed that we would not fall out, practiced getting in and out of bed….then lights out.

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