Greetings from Guatemala Wednesday

Greetings! Today we started our day at 6AM with breakfast.  After breakfast, we did not have devotions since we had to leave by 7AM for our long journey.  We loaded into two vans and headed off for a 2 1/2 hour drive. On the ride there, Daniel tought our missionaries how to play the card […]

Greetings from rainy Guatemala! Tuesday

Greetings from rainy Guatemala! We started off today with breakfast at 7AM.  Today, we made our own, which was nice!  We could eat between 7 and 7:30AM.  After breakfast, we headed upstairs for our morning devotion, which was led by Aracely and Cesar translated.  The main points were that it is not easy to be […]

Greetings from Guatemala Monday

Monday: Breakfast was scheduled for 7AM, so with limited shower availability, we came up with a morning schedule.  We slept well; even Marge who ended up with a mattress that was lacking air – leak maybe?.  She now has a new mattress.  After getting ready, a few of us then attempted again to send out […]

Greetings from Guatemala! Sunday

Sunday: We had an uneventful travel day and arrived here around noon. We were greeted by Kevin, Ginny, Kaitlyn & Julian, who loaded all of our luggage and brought us to the mission house. We settled in and were served lunch. We then unpacked all of the supplies that we brought, sorted them, and put […]