Greetings from Guatemala Monday


Breakfast was scheduled for 7AM, so with limited shower availability, we came up with a morning schedule.  We slept well; even Marge who ended up with a mattress that was lacking air – leak maybe?.  She now has a new mattress.  After getting ready, a few of us then attempted again to send out the e-mail.  We figured out how to convert to english….but….I could not remember my e-mail password (the downside to having your computer save your password).  We attempted to send a code to Ginny’s e-mail here, but this did not work.  Microsoft wanted all kinds of verification since I was logging in from another country.  No time to mess with it….so off to our day:

After breakfast, we headed upstairs for our morning devotion.  It is in spanish, then interpreted for us.  The message was about children and their place in the Lord’s Kingdom.  We aslo talked about how there are times that we adults should be more like children; they love, forgive and trust.

Then we left the house and headed to ‘Only a Child’.  It is an amazing mission for at risk boys who live on the street.  George was a successful pastry chef from Boston who was touched by a story about the kids who live on the street.  Eventually, the Lord led him here to start this mission.  He has a shelter for them to live, and a woodworking shop for them to earn money.  He teaches them about faith, and how to be a christian man.  We met the young men and learned about their lives.  George is doing amazing work here.
Next we drove to the dump and parked.  We watched the action; and heard about how this is an ‘income’ for many of the people here.  They go to the dump and dig through trash to find recycling items to make money.  They live in housing that was built on top of the old dump areas.

We returned for lunch, and each of us told why we were here.  Many different stories; many emotional responses; a wonderful sharing experience.

After lunch, we all broke into our groups and worked on our lessons with our missionary.  They provided tips, helped us practice; and helped us get ready for our first lession, which is tomorrow.

Then, we left for house visits.  We broke into two groups.  Together, we visited 5 homes.  This was such a humbling experience.  They welcomed us into their homes and we spent time sharing our faith.

After our house visits, we returned back to the mission house, where dinner was served shortly after.  We then worked on getting ready for Tuesday: making our lunches, getting our crafts ready, and packing up books for the children to read.

We then had devotions led by Bruce & Artees & practiced our songs,

Exhausted, we all headed off to bed…tomorrow is another day!

Keep praying for us….and if anyone was expecting a text, there is no texting from here….so e-mails only.

Written by Luann….

approved by the group….

Watch for tomorrow’s update!

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