Greetings from Guatemala Friday


Today started off like the other days – breakfast at 7AM, then devotions at 8AM, led by Cesar.

Cesar thanked the team for our work here this week.  His message today was based on our language barrier.  He had two activities to demostrate this.  The first was a ‘picture’ game.  One person drew a picture out of a bag, then had to use hand motions for the others to guess what it was.  Artees had the most correct answers and won a prize.  Then we played the telephone game.  The message could be spoken in english or spanish…..

The first message was sent all around the room, and ‘God’s Love’ became ‘I march to you”.  The second time, the message was sent half way around the room.  The message was ‘God is our healer’.  The first group ended up with “God is in our heart” and the second group ended up with “God said remember the car parts”.  His point was that even though language can make communication difficult, we can still spread the word through love when we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The group had an option of touring the ruins or going on a house visit, and we decided to go on a house visit.  So off we went to visit with Manuel’s brother who is very sick.  He is on oxygen and has lung issues.  He is very young – 39.  He cannot leave his house right now because the weather makes it hard for him to breathe.  He was very grateful that we came to see him – he had not had many visitors lately.  They hold church in their house and they ask that we pray for the church – they are attempting to add a second floor.
After the visit, we headed back to the mission house for lunch with the missionaries.  We had a great time visiting with them one last time…..

Then we had our faith lessons at the house today.  The groups are much smaller.  After the lesson, the team with the children went to the park.  We played soccer, football, and basketball. After we walked back, they initiated a game of tag….boy could we feel the elevation!  After the teen lesson, they had to work on their letters to their sponsors.  After the adult lesson, a lady gave her testimony about losing her housing because her building was sold.  She had one week to find housing.  She could not find any housing and was very concerned.  She had been praying about it.  The new owner of her building asked if she lived there, and, if so, would she want to stay.  She said yes – and the rent was lower than what she was paying the old owner.

After the groups left, we had time to mingle with the missionaries….and say goodbye…which was very sad.

Then, we had a ‘surprise’ for dinner….we were not sure what it was.  We were told to head up to the roof at dinner.  We went up and found a table and chairs set up, with pizza and pop!  It was fun.

After dinner, we talked about the week……and how to prepare to return to the states and back to ‘life’.

After that, we helped Oscar with his crafts for the upcoming weeks (they do not have a team here every week, so when there isn’t a team, they have to prepare on their own…so they appreci!ate the help!).

We then had a thought provoking devotion, led by Daniel.

We cannot believe we will be home tomorrow.  We have bonded as a team, shared many laughs, tears, and shared our faith in our Savior… ready for having us home….stronger spiritually than when you dropped us off.

Dios le Bendiga!

Written by:  Luann

Approved by: the group

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